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Exclusive Offers for MASCO Members

Take advantage of exclusive offers from our trusted partners. As a MASCO member, enjoy a range of benefits that enhance your professional growth and personal well-being.

We help service-based businesses set up a marketing system that brings in ready-to-buy clients within 90 days. This lets you boost your revenue without overworking or stressing about finding new clients.

Web Design & Development:

WebHero designs mobile-compatible websites that look great and work seamlessly on any device, increasing user engagement and conversions. Robust security measures and regular updates keep your site secure, while SEO-friendly coding enhances search engine visibility, driving more organic traffic​.

Digital Marketing:
Social media marketing campaigns attract and convert the right customers, boosting sales and brand loyalty. Certified Google Ads professionals manage PPC campaigns to lower costs and maximize ROI, ensuring your ads reach the right audience and generate results​.

Email Hosting:
Enjoy a professional, ad-free email environment with 99.9% uptime for reliable communication. Comprehensive technical support and SSL security keep your communications safe, while multi-device compatibility ensures you stay connected wherever you are​.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • Free Corporate Email Accounts.
  • Up to 1GB each.
  • Available for 3 accounts.
  • Free for as long as you remain a MASCO tenant.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer is valid only for current MASCO tenants.
  • Up to three email accounts per tenant, each with 1GB of storage.
  • Free accounts available as long as you remain a MASCO tenant.
  • Tenants must cover the cost of the domain.
  • Offer is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Misuse of email accounts may result in service termination.

Merchandise Consultants; Tourism Souvenir.

What We Offer:
Providing merchandise consulting services and high-quality tourism souvenirs. Our experienced consultants work closely with clients to develop customized merchandise strategies that enhance brand visibility and customer engagement. Additionally, we offer a wide range of unique and culturally significant tourism souvenirs, designed to leave a lasting impression on visitors and promote local heritage. At PrintheroX, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and products that meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • Offers a multitude of benefits, creating an exceptional experience for both residents and professionals. The great working environment fosters productivity and job satisfaction, providing an ideal setting for career growth. Additionally, our community’s strong networking opportunities allow individuals to connect with a diverse array of companies, facilitating collaboration and business development. Furthermore, the convenient access to a variety of entertainment options ensures a vibrant and enjoyable lifestyle, making it easy for community members to balance work and leisure.

PIPI was established in 2015 as a company that specializes in IT services, and provides management services for vacation rentals, covering hotels, private lodges, short stay apartments, and so on.

We have developed our own management system as a basis of our service to offer leading solutions to property owners, assisting them in asset management on Airbnb, Agoda and

  • Offer various listing for whose who plan to visit or short stay in Japan & Thailand.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • Service fee waived for those who booked stay directly with PIPI Hosting.

Terms and Conditions:

  • First come first service basis.

Digital & Marketing Solutions Provider | And also self-development learning platform brand owner;

Solutions include:

  • Learning management system.
  • Email marketing.
  • Website development.
  • Marketing collaterals design & print.

Training include:

  • Personal leadership.
  • Leadership & Management.
  • Stress Management.
  • Positive & growth mindset.
  • Silva Mind Control Method.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • Special discounts on our events and training that we organised – which will be announced during the program launch.
  • 10% Discounts on the digital & marketing solutions.

Terms and Conditions:

  • MASCO tenants.

Info Trek is a leading provider of corporate technology training in Malaysia. With more than 28 years of training and development experience, we bring learning to everyone who seeks to better themselves be it enterprise training courses, or individual professionals and enthusiasts.

What We Offer:
Our core business is built on training and nurturing learners to instill them with the ability to go beyond their limits; arming them with knowledge to keep up with the fast-paced corporate world. We live to learn, work to build innovations, and our organization believes in striving better service delivery with new methods, embracing new technology and mediums to deliver efficient and innovative results.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • 5% discount from list price.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Cash term only

Experian可以帮助大马中小企业及时做出重要决策, 了解客户真实的信用状况将决定企业的盈亏,提升应变能力。

What We Offer:
Experian CrediTrack,一个配备信用管理和自动化客户关系管理(CRM)系统的一站式数码平台。

Masco Community Benefits:

  • Free 1 month subscription.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Annual Payment.

JoYew Management made up of a talented team of dynamic and dedicated event professionals. Led by Josephine Yew, an industry expert possessing over 15 years of experience with a zeal for transforming a mundane event into captivating lasting impressions. We aid our clients through conceptualization to execution to post evaluation. With our experience, we not only understand the demands of our clients but we have the capability to anticipate the client‘s needs, wants and desires. From wedding to social parties or whether it is a MICE group, company dinner or a corporate party, we will make sure that the event befits the image. With our experience in handling such events, we can ensure that you can focus on having as much enjoyment as possible from the event without having to worry over the minute details.

With our expert planners’ rest be assured that your event will be truly amazing!

What We Offer:
We offer various kind of event management services for corporate, weddings and social parties.

Corporate Events:

  • MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions).
  • Team Building.
  • Seminar.
  • Gala Dinner/ Annual.
  • Dinner.
  • Roadshow.
  • Launching.

Wedding Events:

  • Beach/ Garden Ceremony Registration of Marriage.
  • Wedding Reception.
  • Destination Wedding.
  • Vow Renewal.
  • Marriage Proposal.

Social Events:

  • Birthday Parties.
  • Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Private Event.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • 20% Discount for every Masco members.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The discount is valid for Masco members only.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.
  • The discount is applicable on all products and services unless otherwise specified.
  • Offer valid until 31 December 2024.

At ADS AUTOMATION, we pioneer the convergence of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and Data Science to drive innovation and transform industries. As a cutting-edge technology firm, we specialize in harnessing the power of AI and IoT to unlock actionable insights from vast datasets, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimize operations.

What We Offer:

  • AIoT Solutions: We design and deploy AIoT solutions that seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence with IoT devices, enabling real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Data Science: Our team of data scientists leverages advanced analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling techniques to extract meaningful patterns and trends from complex data, delivering actionable intelligence that fuels growth and innovation.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • Free predictive analytics proof of concept (POC) for up to 10GB of dataset.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offline batch processing only.

Funeral Preplanning Services offers compassionate and comprehensive solutions to ensure your final wishes are honored with dignity and respect. Our experienced team guides you through every step of the preplanning process, providing personalized plans that reflect your values and preferences. By preplanning, you relieve your loved ones of the burden of making difficult decisions during a challenging time, allowing them to focus on celebrating your life. Secure peace of mind for yourself and your family with Eternal Care, where your legacy is our priority.

What We Offer:
Peace of Mind Through Thoughtful Funeral Preplanning Services.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • Free one to one consultation with our consultant with more than 10 years experience.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Please make appointment with us in advance for the consultation.

Sernsoft Research is a premier software development and consulting agency specializing in creating tailored solutions for web and mobile applications, AI development, cloud infrastructure, and various IT technologies. We pride ourselves on delivering high-performance, high-quality services that meet the unique needs of our clients across different countries. Leveraging our professional skills and extensive industry experience, we ensure that our clients receive top-notch software solutions designed to enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

What We Offer:
At Sernsoft Research, we offer comprehensive software development and consulting services. Our expertise includes creating bespoke websites, mobile applications, AI solutions, and cloud infrastructure. We cater to clients globally, leveraging our professional skills to deliver high-performance and top-quality services tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Masco Community Benefits:

  • We have extensive experience in software development and operations across industries. Contact us for a free consultation and architecture review.

Terms and Conditions:

  • An appointment is required for scheduling a consultation session.
  • Consultations are subject to availability and must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.
  • All consultations are free of charge and limited to one hour unless otherwise agreed.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment to avoid unnecessary waste of time.
  • Sernsoft Research reserves the right to refuse service to any client at its discretion.
  • Any information shared during the consultation will be treated confidentially and used solely for the purpose of providing tailored solutions.
  • Clients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information during the consultation to ensure the best possible service.

What We Offer:
IT Products and Solutions as in:

  • Infrastructure Setup.

  • Hardware Relocation Services.

  • Systems and Networks Migration.

  • Installation and Implementation.

  • Project Management.

  • Maintenance / Preventive Maintenance.

  • Hardware Repair Works.

    Masco Community Benefits:

    • Free consultation.

    • Door steps delivery.

    • Onsite support and troubleshooting.

    • Special rate promotion for MASCO tenants.

      DME Solutions Sdn Bhd is a leading consultancy firm specializing in green building and township projects. Managed by experienced architects and engineers, our highly collaborative team excels in creating sustainable solutions through a multidisciplinary approach. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, we strive to be industry leaders, boasting a strong track record with both local and international clients.

      What We Offer:
      We enhance the value of residential and non-residential projects by focusing on energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, site planning, water efficiency, and resource optimization. Our comprehensive services cover all project phases, from design to operation as well as maintenance.

      Masco Community Benefits:

      • Our expertise extends to advising on energy and environmentally sustainable designs (ESD), compliance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), as well as carbon services to drive positive impact and meet the evolving sustainability needs of our clients by providing science-based solutions.



      E3 is an Entrepreneurship Innovation Company Specializing In Fostering Innovation, Nurturing Entrepreneurs, Business Incubation and Growth Scaling Entrepreneur Ventures.

      What We Offer:
      Upscaling Entrepreneurs require us to have a laser-sharp focus on delivering business support, market access and funding access.

      Masco Community Benefits:

      • Entrepreneur incubation from Tier 0 to Tier 1, Empowers Membership, Access to E3 Institute, Networking, Workshops and Mentorship opportunities to gain invaluable insights.

      Terms and Conditions:

      • To be a member in our community.